Thursday, October 2, 2008


The founding of the World Wide Web allowed for all manner of business expansion, and this includes expansion of the the job search industry—from employment guides to job boards. Internet users have attempted all along to take advantage of the communication and information advantages.

EmploymentCrossing sees the need for this product and took it upon themselves to offer that product for free in order to aid job seekers. That product includes tracking and classifying over two million job listings all across the United States. EmploymentCrossing collects and categorizes job listings from over 250,000 employer's websites in order to gather all of the available information on career openings on the Internet into one database. Amongst those listings are openings from every company listed in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000.

EmploymentCrossing isn't a sales business that runs a job board at the expense of job seekers, it is a research organization that gives aid to job seekers by allowing them to find and sort through information on hundreds of thousands of active job openings all over the nation. Their research staff consists of librarians, engineers, attorneys, and researchers—geeks. These geeks find, research, and categorize thousands of jobs on a daily basis so that they can categorize them appropriately and place them in a database.

Job boards charge large fees to employers for the right to place job listings on their boards. This has the ability to skew the listings away from a certain segment of businesses, those that are smaller, more local, or less profitable, and that doesn't serve the interests of the job seeker.

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